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Alien Ambience Synth FX Loops WAV Samples
Alien Ambience: Synth FX Loops WAV Samples
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Alien Ambience: Synth FX Loops WAV Samples CD-ROM 610MB

Alien Ambience:

Synth FX Loops WAV Samples

by SourceCodeX

CD-ROM Data: 610 MegaBytes, 100 WAV Files, ranging in length from 18 seconds to 60+ seconds. One special track, "Saturday Morning Mosaic" runs 5:51 minutes and offers a complete composition of found-sounds. This piece was created for a found-sound, international artists compilation release. All clips are WAV PCM signed 16 bit, 44100 Hz, 1141 kbps, stereo except for "Saturday Morning Mosaic" which is 11025 Hz, 352 kbps, stereo as the source was a mono file converted to stereo.

(Please scroll down page for demo mp3 files.)

Specially crafted analogue synthesis WAV samples:
Yeah, I know, you're thinking, "Nyaaa, I can make this stuff myself when I need it." Well, probably so -- but there's the time issue. I have spent dozens of hours creating each of these waveforms and then massaging them into perfection. You wanna sit down and figure out how to make your own -- and after many hours you might get close to re-creating maybe 3 or 4 of the files I offer? Okay. And do you really wanna then try and make another 97 of them? Your call. These babies are ready to go straight into your own audio editing program and synthesizer sampling systems. Similar concept discs exist -- like this one I offer -- yet many are filled with a mish-mash of off-the-hip glurps and drones and cheesoid-lame FX.They sell for $75 to $200. That is ludicrous. Save lots of dough here. If this Alien Ambient CD sells well -- I will create more for those interested.

Alien Ambience offers: Synth Sequences, Ambient Space Drone-scapes, specially processed Synths FX & Atmospheric Weirdness. Deep Bass Drones offer Machine-like Metallic Dread or Echoes of the Ethereal Void. Sample Distorted and Warped Vocals / Dialogue & Wav-chimeric Animals. Alien Ambience's Found-sound snippets, Devolved everyday ambience FX, and other one-of-a-kind Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror / Dark Alien Ambient Sounds promise a truly unique and handcrafted, endlessly tweaked & knob twiddled, ultra-creative sample library. Use these files for synthesizers that have sampling functions like the Korg Triton. (I wish I owned one myself!)

All these synth samples, wavs, loop FX are ROYALTY-FREE but NOT FOR RESALE. Once you own this disc, it is yours to do what you want with it. Use it for segues, loops, grab a fav piece of a Wav file for a chill-out filler, or you soundtrack folks can use my ideas in their scores. Consider these WAV files as 100 sonic shades of color on your aural palette to then mix, overlap, loop, mesh, crunch, warp, twist & so create your own masterpiece and thus answer to the Muse inside you. And for you cyborgs out there -- you may just find this CD as a way to relax and remember your source. All I ask is that you please only use portions of my "Saturday Morning Mosaic" track. Do not use it as an entire piece and then call it your own composition. If you care to, please let me know how these samples helped your specific project. Thanks. SO GO FOR IT!

Alien Ambience: Synth FX Loops WAV Samples CD-ROM 610MB

About the creator of Alien Ambience: SourceCodeX aka John W. Patterson, is a veteran music reviewer, webmaster of www.EER-MUSIC.com, multi-instrumentalist, independent recording artist, composer & distributor. His 2004 debut ambient synth release, Codex Hypnos, is enjoying robust global sales and very positive reviews from critics everywhere. Hear the sonic puzzle pieces used for his recommended Codex Hypnos release when you purchase this CD-ROM.
Visit other worlds with my music!
Alien Ambience:
Synth FX Loops WAV Samples CD-ROM 610MB

 CD-ROM File list:
(Scroll down and Click on Bold-Face WAVs to hear lower-bitrate, 11025Hz 32kbps  mp3 demo files. Actual wav files are much better CD quality.)
Saturday Morning Mosaic.wav (5:51)

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Latest reviews just in:
SourceCodeX is a project by EER-Music.com editor John W. Patterson. His self-released album entitled Codex Hypnos is a droning atmospheric recording wrapped in a semblance of gloom. In Greek mythology Hypnos is the personification of sleep and also the twin brother of Thanatos who is the personification of death. While a lot of music with darker themes often seems pretentious and overdone Codex Hypnos doesn�t forcefully try to sound creepy or morbid. No blood, gore, or anything of that sort is conveyed with this album. Rather what we have is a work of contemplative exploration of death, dying and natural decay which is transmitted by deep, elongated drones and timbres that create a seemingly gravitational downward pull or suction like a massive vacuum. The music is solid yet abstract and colorless evoking grainy, gray-filled images. I would liken the experience of listening to Codex Hypnos to viewing the chaos and destruction of a tornado but safely from afar. There is a certain quality of beauty contained within these frightful passages like the barren lifeless beauty of the winter season. Liner notes state this album was �done on a computer only� but many of the pieces consists of tonalities that sound like extended, manipulated brass and string instruments. In some parts the nearly orchestral elements remind me of an old black and white movie score and one track in particular, �DreamingHyperSleepDawn,� is almost hymnal and evocative of ancient cathedral ruins. This recording almost has a supernatural feel and although I can appreciate it -- I certainly have to be in just the right mood for its (sometimes overwhelmingly) oppressive vibes. However I recommend it to those seeking a more finely executed dark ambient work and look forward to any further output from this artist. ~Reviewed by Candi Brammer Read review here: Codex Hypnos Ambient Musings review

SourceCodeX Codex Hypnos


John W. Patterson is a respected, honorable and talented music reviewer. His strongest asset as a reviewer � and editor � is his integrity. His opinions � and those of his staff � cannot be purchased at any price! (I can vouch for that. I submitted some reviews to him that absolutely slammed the discs. Despite protestations from at least one of the artists, John published the reviews as written with only a small disclaimer.) He runs a rather large website � www.eer-music.com � that publishes reviews of a diverse collection of styles and genres. John is also a talented musician. His original instrument is the guitar but his heart is with the synth. He records as SourceCodeX and his debut CD is Codex Hypnos. It is a journey � in eight movements � through the inner and outer psychescapes of consciousness, unconsciousness and conscience. John created these deep drones and warm atmospheres entirely with software synths and music editing programs. John�s love for this style of music shimmers as he delivers a refined package with raw power. His minimalist approach defines the drones. The drones define the atmospheres. The atmospheres define the psychescapes. The psychescapes define his minimalist approach. Throughout the entire adventure, the music evokes and provokes on several emotional and spiritual planes. This is a great CD from a true musician�s friend! ~ Jim Brenholts

" I may write a great deal about electronic music, but I'm fairly clueless about the technology that goes into creating it. So it blows my mind to hear something that sounds as beautiful as the music on Codex Hypnos and realize that it was created completely on John's computer without the use of external hardware. . . . I got a real sense of thematic development and could easily see this as the backdrop for the sci fi flick scene in which the ship has lost all power and is now just floating aimlessly through space. Very image inducing stuff indeed. And John keeps the music interesting by gradually and subtly changing course and presenting the listener with a continually evolving vantage point. Overall I have to say there is some top notch space-ambient and soundscape music to be heard on this set. Bring along a little imagination and John will do the rest.


~ Jerry Kranitz of Aural-Innovations.com Read full review here: Codex Hypnos review

" . . . the pieces are very well composed and constructed. The intensity buildups are slow but constantly evolving. The moods of the songs are well felt by the listener and there are no wasted segments. The performance is excellent and the production is quite good for a limited budget project. This to me sounds like a pretty good album and clocking at 78 minutes, you get a lot of music to digest. So, if you are into dark (or even depressing) ambient music, "Codex Hypnos" is an album to check out . . . so give this stuff a listen. What have you got to lose? Except maybe YOUR SANITY!!!"


~ Marc Roy of ProGGnosis.com Read full review here: Codex Hypnos review

"Sleep Til . . ." from Codex Hypnos was featured in Aural-Innovations.com's Electronic Cottage Show on March 7th, 2004 as the opening track! Thanks Jerry Kranitz! Listen to the whole Real Media show now in streaming format!

And from ElectronicShadows.com http://www.hyperionwebs.com/electronicshadows/reviews.htm SourceCodex: Codex Hypnos Reviewed by Loren Bacon Playing time: 77:41 (8 tracks) Label: Private release Release date: 2004 Availability: Online


One thing that technology has done for us is make it easier to make music. That doesn't necessarily mean instant "good" music, of course, but it opens the door for amateur musicians to express themselves. It's still up to the artist to make or break a song. That's why I watch the net with both excitement and apprehension for newcomers. That contradictory attitude brought me to SourceCodex's first release. SourceCodex is the working name of John W. Patterson whose fondness for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror is obvious in his song titles like HALsleep, ForbiddenAmbientPlanet, and Nazgul Caves. In terms of genre, this recording is electronic ambient with leanings toward the darker side. Ambient is a difficult genre in terms of making it interesting and yet not breaking out of the genre into some other form. The terms "drones" and "interesting" don't seem like they would often mix, yet that's what the ambient artist is up against. The press release indicated that these songs had evolved of the past two years which was good to see that they were not rushed onto CD. Far too often a newcomer to soft synths slams together a few loops and thinks that's all there is to making music. Patterson has obviously spent his time adding various textures and allowing the pieces to evolve, sometimes on their own, as he notes. One criticism of this first effort was that some of the songs were, for my money, overextended. Ambient tunes can go on for hours (at least for Rich or Namlook) provided that they shift and grow, but there are a couple of songs on this disc that it might have been better to wrap up sooner. All told, however, I found his CD well worth the time and a fine beginning work.

CODEX HYPNOS by "SourceCodeX" (John Patterson) Privately published, 2004 Available from eermusic@nc.rr.com


John Patterson (code name SourceCodeX) is the founder of the ASMID forum, and his Website http://eer-music.com/ publishes my reviews, so I'd better not say anything bad about his first album of "dark ambient" music. Well, there isn't anything really bad to say, so relax, John. Through the Marvels of Modern Technology it is now possible for anyone with a few bucks' worth of equipment to turn out the music of their choice. John has been a dedicated musical amateur for a long time, and now that he has enough gear he's emboldened himself to share his sonic fantasies with us. Well, you can tell from the titles alone that SourceCodeX is a horror/fantasy writer and major s.f. film fan. Track 2 is named "HALSleep," track 4 "Dark Star Voids," track 6 "Forbidden Ambient Planet." You get the (moving) picture. The sound is certainly appropriate. CodeX relies on closely spaced, dissonant tone clusters and stacked-up layers of electronic drones to convey a sense of ominous dread. There is little or no melodic element and not much range of loud or soft, which puts this into the realm of "drone" ambient. (Stephen Philips and DarkDuck, take notice.) CodeX knows how to set a mood, even if it's not a pleasant one. No one would mistake "CODEX HYPNOS" for the pretty ambient dreams of some of the artists represented by the "Hypnos" label. CodeX knows how to make an emotional impact with his restricted sound- spectrum. In some tracks, such as the aforementioned "Dark Star Voids," the sense of darkness is truly oppressive and almost suffocating. In "Arrival and Fly-By," you get a vision of a huge, insectoid spacecraft which is definitely not here on a friendly basis. CodeX's filmic influence is evident in the last two tracks, number 7 "Nazgul Caves" and number 8, "InnerWorldStopTime ... Honestly, some of this is Really Scary Stuff. You shouldn't listen to this while using Substance, or while eating dinner, or before you go to sleep. Some of its pulsing vibrations can have almost a physical effect on you. It is also very long, almost 78 minutes, and perhaps best listened to in sections. If you are a Lovecraft or horror fan, as CodeX is, then this is just for you. I put CODEX HYPNOS in the "Not for the Faint-Hearted" category. I have to add some criticism, not aesthetic but technical. Some of CodeX's effects do not flow into each other with smooth transitions, the way I'm used to hearing in ambient of all kinds. They kind of cut off abruptly and change quickly, and I'm not sure that this is what CodeX intended. The cut-offs tend to interrupt the flow of dread, even if they are not immediately apparent. ... ~ Hannah M.G. Shapero 3/7/04

"John has created a stimulating work with some intriguing textures and sounds. There is a nice variety and flow that makes this an enjoyable album, recommended for fans of darker deep space ambient. It certainly is a very promising debut. As John's craft grows and he fleshes out his work further, SourceCodeX is definitely one to watch!" ~ Dodds of Ambient.us


Read full review here: Codex Hypnos review

"This release is a treat for fans of experimental electronica and dark ambient music . . . a very interesting release. It's beautiful in spots, haunting in others, and occasionally disturbing. " ~ Jim of Synthtopia.com


Read full review here: Codex Hypnos review

". . . the results, as gathered on this freshman effort, make for a workable piece of dark listening . . . carries the listener through tense, beatless soundscapes that are unrelenting in their grimness. The drones are soothing in a disturibing kind of way . . . layered his sounds very well. There's a lot going on below the surface . . . I rather expect to hear more and better from SourceCodeX. ~ John Shanahan of Hypnagogue: Ambient Music News and Reviews


Read full review here: Codex Hypnos review

" . . . from light emanations to dark murky cracks in space this cacophony of sonic states propels you into strange new worlds . . . " ~ Diatonis, (notable ambient music recording artist)


"Codex Hypnos is a stunning musical paradox: both haunting and beautiful, energizing and relaxing, inner music and outer music for the soul. John Patterson/SourceCodeX's interwoven electronic soundscapes are emotionally moving and highly visual. Congrats to John!" ~ Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind


"Excellent SCI-FX Ambient work. Could easily have been part of the filmscore to 2001 or 2010. Kudos." ~ Stephanie Sante

Albums: Ambient Space Music CodeX Hypnos is available now!


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Background info on the CodeX Hypnos release by the SourceCodeX project . . . Though a guitarist (since 1967) I have always had a strong fetish for synth musicks. I have been kicking around since the very first synth musicks appeared on the scene and have loved every blip and bleep. The New Age era fostered the arrival of drones and atmospheric and ethereal space music -- some being void of rhythms. This form of amorphous synth musick naturally pulled me in as it had profound effects on my inner worlds and shifted my psyche. I recognized a "power" in this genre to evoke altered consciousness. In 2002 I began experimenting with various software-based synths and sound editing programs. As a music reviewer, I have the pleasure of hearing musicks many will never have the chance to enjoy. In this deep sea of blissful inspiration I was destined to "give back" my own twisted echoes of the genre. CodeX Hypnos is the results of decades of listening and a few months of learning the right software. No external hardware was used! This music's origin is 99% from the silicon cities of a very basic, outdated, personal computer. I was inspired to go full throttle with finishing this "soft-synths" project after brief e-discussions with synth composer James Johnson and recording software authority Scott Garrigus. Most of CodeX Hypnos was created and finalized between November 2003 and January 2004. Only two pieces were first envisioned and created in their "virgin" states back in 2002 and then lost their "innocence" in late 2003. I wrote these eight pieces in isolation from, being unrelated to any theme and then upon listening to them -- a theme was clearly evoked. Tracks 1 through 8 are arranged now as a "journey" by an introspective voyager into unknown outer and inner realms of consciousness. This "psyche-naut" encounters regions of placid lightscapes, formless voids, ominous darker and threatening regions, and then a final wasteland where the death of Time and a time of Death is experienced. Track notes: "Sleep Til . . ." sets a certain tone for the CD, a strong opening track, letting listener know they aren't in Kansas anymore. I love how this evolved into its own lifeform. "HALsleep" is a simple otherworldly drone establishing a space theme, especially for those of us who know about HAL9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey "DreamingHyperSleepDawn" is a gentle piece based a voyager in suspended animation dreaming of the dawn on another world. "Dark Star Voids" reflects the immensity of the Cosmos where time and space become mere thought without essence, concepts lost in vast regions of nothingness. "Arrival and Fly-by" is an experimentation that went very well and got itself so named as it brings to mind images of great machines in flight with some alien surprises. "ForbiddenAmbientPlanet" is another experiment based on SimSynth loops with other sounds added for theme and overall impact. You are in a bad place now. "Nazgul Caves" was created after seeing the final movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and reflects such. This is a very dark piece and almost was too creepy to be kept in this release. Yet it was such fun to create -- so it survived the cut. Think Lustmord and Rich. "InnerWorldStopTime" is yet another SimSynth loops project re-worked endlessly and then overlaid with samples of ocean waves coming onshore and out, creating a disturbingly unique outro/finale to the CD.
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Some SourceCodeX Bio background: My ambient/space/synth/analog listening experience . . . Being a child of the 60's and a music/sounds junkie I was always looking past TOP 40 for the fringe, the radical, the under- appreciated musicks. I sadly had a Top 40/Radio brainwashing but somewhere along the line my twistedness prevailed (thank God) and I soon came across progressive rock, art rock, and fusion. Progressive rock even drove me on to discover the richness of classical music. One thing art rockers loved was forging new ground sonically speaking -- and when Moogs, mellotrons, and the like came into the studio, it seemed every band worth its salt had some synth somewhere. Of course there were folks like T Dream, Klaus Schulze, Larry Fast, Wendy Carlos, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Keith Emerson, Patrick Moraz, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tomita, Vangelis, Tim Blake and oodles more that relied 100% on synths to make music and all their works made it to my collection. I attended one of Maryland's very first Moog synth demonstrations and recorded the event. Yet -- being a guitarist predominately -- I set aside most keyboard-driven interests many times to focus on axe work, specifically fusion but I found myself getting burned out on incessant riffage and overwhelming in-your-face virtuosity. I needed "down time" for my soul. So along comes the new age blitzkrieg. Most of that music was pretty -- how you say -- blandly predictable and easy-listening-ish but a few folks stood out in the movement. I won't list them all here. Those that remain of interest to me these days and really pulled me deeply back into atmospheric and ambient space music were folks like Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie, Robert Rich, Kit Watkins and early works by Don Slepian. Since then, many superb ambient/space music artists have come to light. I have discussed/promoted these in many newsgroups, e- groups, and at EER-MUSIC.com and in my ambient article at AllAboutJazz.com when I started the Ambient Space area there. I am also a published sci-fi, fantasy and horror writer and an avid fan of all things related to these pursuits of speculative fiction and entertainment. CodeX Hypnos is my introspective soundscape of varied ambience now to be shared with all those dreamers of similar eclectic visions and vices. If at times it seems raw electronics versus music then I have achieved exactly what I set out to do. What I find odd after repeated listens to this CD is that you will begin to notice the "musicality" and pleasing sounds that exist all around you that you formerly ignored. CodeX Hypnos is a CD that keeps on playing in your head, long after the music ceases externally. You come to realize the musicks of SourceCodeX echo an everyday and everywhere ambience. CodeX Hypnos is but a reworking, a warping of reality. Contact Info: John W. Patterson P.O. Box 1797 Wake Forest, NC 27588-1797 USA eermusic @ nc. rr. com Webhomes: http://www.EER-MUSIC.com Soundfiles and info: http://sourcecodex.com Itza real head trip to get into -- truly consciouness-shifting . . . I am a very critical guy and a pefectionist and after years of hearing and reviewing the best and the worst of many genres I sorta know what is cool vs sonic-doo-doo -- So . . . I wrote this stuff for my own pleasure to get off on and zone out / chemical-free trip on and it works! Some stuff is relaxing, some is very creepy, and other stuff is just fun to experience like a sci-fi flick for yer ears. I hope other folks find it a novel experience too.

Codex Hypnos is a semi-thematic creation beginning with a deep-space / deep-consciousness explorer being "put under" and "tripping the light fantastic" of other realms. As life itself presents us, our cosmick voyager encounters placid zones of light as well as disturbing circles of discontent and darkness. The outro piece is an unsettling trip towards the death of Time and what lies beyond all we believe . . . enjoy the trip. I did.

Pass on the word about this Codex Hypnos release to yer buds.

Early Reviews of Codex Hypnos:

"John! Very cool ambient music, very cool!" ~ Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide writer/reviewer and published author on ambient musicks

" . . . what pleasure to hear you enjoying your creativity. I can feel the love you have for this music and the great digital tools you are using. Keep the music coming, keep creating John, it's already good and it's only going to get better. Glad to welcome you as a fellow artist." ~ Don Slepian, (synth music pioneer)

"Like Jeff Greinke's work, dark, brooding, and really tasteful. A fantastic mix of quiet ambience AND motion . . . a great, balanced work. Not too mellow, not too active, just great stuff I highly recommend. Mature and confident, yet creative and exploratory, this shows us all what an experienced person can do when he puts his mind to it." ~ Gayle Ellett of Djam Karet

"Gorgeous!! Deep, and dark, and full of energy ... this is really really good music my friend! The structure is fantastic ... and very adventurous. Not the typical gooshy ambient space music ear candy we so often hear. Very well done!!!!" ~ Palancar (ambient composer and recording artist)

"Thanks for sharing your music. It sounds very good. Keep up the good work!" ~ Dino Pacifici, synth music composer and artist

"Just to say how much I like your music. Its great! keep it up. I have a band called Wood, and we do the same sort of thing. Its really nice to hear music that is going in the same direction as we are." ~ Wood

"'innerworldstoptime' is cool: I like the shifting speeds of the drone-- almost race car-in-outerspace sounding...." ~ Gears of Sand

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